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Terms and Conditions - updated 17th August 2012

Standard operating Hours

Biziserve Ltd can be contacted on 07962 086 228. Telephone support will be provided Mon-Fri between 10.00 - 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00 GMT.

PC Support

PC Support is not included within our standard terms.

Provision of Websites

Terminology :

"Website" is used here to denote any e-commerce online shop, CMS website or other bespoke system which has been provided by Alan & Angela Frost prior to the formation of Biziserve Ltd and subsequently by Biziserve Ltd.

"Biziserve" is used to encompass Angela & Alan Frost together with Biziserve Ltd. At times, where expressly stated, a distinction may be made between Angela & Alan Frost and Biziserve Ltd.

All websites are provided for a single business use only. The copyright of all systems written prior to 13th August 2012 remains with Angela & Alan Frost.  They are not for re-sale without the written permission of Angela & Alan Frost. The copyright of all bespoke software written by Biziserve Ltd remains with Biziserve Ltd. A license is granted for its use to the website owner and it is not for re-sale.

Many of the websites produced by Biziserve use Open Source solutions which are provided under the GPL License.

Website frameworks are provided, in good faith, by Biziserve, however, all content remains the responsibility and copyright of the website owner. Biziserve takes no responsibility for the content of the website or it's accuracy.

Biziserve will encrypt email addresses on your website wherever possible to help protect your website and our Servers from a flood of spam emails. Biziserve does not warrant that a website will be free of spam emails.

Website Usage

All websites hosted on the Biziserve Servers must not:

  • be in violation of any law or regulation
  • contain or link to any material which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, malicious, obscene, pornographic or otherwise objectionable in any way
  • contain a virus or other hostile program
  • contain any material which infringes any trade mark, copyright or intellectual property or similar rights of any person, firm or company under the laws of any jurisdiction
  • make excessive use or wasteful use of our Servers to our detriment or that of our other customers

Any website found to be in contravention of any of the above, will be removed instantly without notice. In this case, any hosting fees already paid will not be refunded.

As a Biziserve customer, you warrant, undertake and agree that:

  • all online transactions within systems operated by you are contracts for sales of goods between you as the merchant and your end-customer. Biziserve has no liability in respect of such transactions
  • any information that you keep within your systems complies with all applicable law, including any distance selling regulations and data protection regulations in force. It will be your responsibility to keep abreast of changes in these regulations and ensure that changes are made as appropriate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All SEO work remains the responsibility of the website owner. Biziserve gives no guarantee and takes no responsibility for the positioning or ranking within the search engines.

Provision of URLs

Biziserve offer a URL purchase, management and renewal service. Please contact us for current charges.

Provision of Hosting

Biziserve will endeavour to provide as close to 100% up-time on hosting packages, however, such is the nature of IT that this may not always be possible and Biziserve cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience or loss of business or information that an outage may cause for our customers.

You warrant and undertake that you will keep all usernames, passwords and other confidential information relating to your account secure and that you will notify Biziserve immediately of any known or suspected breach of security including loss, theft or unauthorised disclosure of your login information. Passwords must not be simple word or number strings to avoid misuse. Biziserve takes security very seriously and should we identify that a password is insecure we will change it for a more secure one and notify you. You will not hold Biziserve liable for any loss of service arising from this change.

Biziserve reserves the right to refuse hosting of any website and/or email service without reason.

Force Majeur

Whilst Biziserve shall use reasaonable endeavors to ensure the integrity and security of the Servers, we do not guarantee that the Server will be free from unauthorised users or crackers.

Biziserve undertakes to backup your data and information on a regular basis and will endeavor to recover any situation resulting from an attack on the server or other situation (e.g. DDoS) which results in an interruption of service, however, Biziserve does not guarantee that data and information can be restored, and will accept no responsibility for loss of business, revenue or information pertaining to your business.


Email is only available with a combined website/email package. Email may be either hosted on Biziserve or third-party servers.

Biziserve currently provides email as a complementary part of the overall package and, therefore, reserves the right to remove this service at any time with no reduction in the cost of the package. A customer may also withdraw from email within a hosted package at any time with no reduction in the cost of the package.

You are responsible for sending emails in accordance with any relevant legislation (including Data Protection) in a secure manner.

Biziserve will take reasonable steps to ensure accurate and prompt routing of messages but will not accept liability for non-receipt or mis-routing or any other failure of email.

Initial configuration of email services on your primary devices is included in the hosting package charge. Additional devices and re-configuration of devices due to theft or misconfiguration, after the first 30 days of service will incur a charge at our current prevailing hourly rate.

Hosting Charges

Hosting charges are payable from 1st of the month following a "go live" date. Hosting charges are payable on an annual basis and are due before the 1st anniversary of the first payment.

Failure to pay Hosting Charges

.... will result in the website being taken off-line. A £100 reinstatement charge will be then be payable. A 3% (pro-rata per annum) will also be charged on the outstanding bill.