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Storage consumption has gone through the roof. In less than 50 years storage design, technology and terminology has radically changed. Bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes .... and it goes further ... a lot further.

In the recent past, Businesses stored just essential information, information that was significantly relevant to their business for a reasonable period of time, 3-5 years maybe, longer if there were legal implications.

Nowadays, with storage capacities far outstripping the human ability to visualise the capacities just mentioned, individuals and businesses are storing more and more information, just because they can!

Duplication? why worry about it? It causes no pain within the business - if you run short, just buy more storage!

There is, however, risk within the business, and with risk the potential for pain and lots of it!

It is now possible to store hundreds of thousands of files on a storage medium. Is it business critical? Does it have legal implications? Is it irreplaceable? (e.g. photographs)

All storage media has a maximum working life (MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures). So, when, not if, storage media fails do you have a satisfactory backup. Have you multiple copies of those backups? If you have a disaster tomorrow, whether it is a minor thing like spilling a cup of coffee or a natural disaster like a flood, are you prepared?

All our solutions are purpose designed and built just for you.

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How We Can Help

Biziserve can:

  1. Audit your storage environment - Storage Assessment Service
  2. Assist you in identifying duplicate, inappropriate information - Data Analysis Service
  3. Work with you to Quantify the risk to the business - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service
  4. Rationalise your data strategy - Business Planning
  5. Reduce architectural complexity - Storage Architecture Review

Following our well defined processes should:

  1. Enhance the quality of service you provide to your business and
  2. Give you peace of mind that you will be prepared for the unexpected