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What we Do

We have, in the past, tried to be all things to all people - it doesn't work. Now, we focus on what we're best at. 

Yes! We do

E-commerce systems - a choice of e-commerce systems tailored to your needs and budget.

If this requires that we work on-site with you, we can do that,or we can work remotely using your server or ours,

Infrastructure Support - providing networking, broadband and Apple support.

Storage - Storage, storage everywhere but it always runs out or goes wrong ! Visit this page to find out more.

Hosting - provided to support the systems we produce. 

No! We don't

  • We don't do Mobile Apps (Iphone/Android etc). However, we may soon be branching out into templates for mobile devices
  • We don't do Windows Hosting - we're unashamedly Linux.